Your new roof at no charge!

Sometimes it is more profitable thinking about money than working for it.

You own an asbestos roof and/or requiring renovation of your roof in the coming years?

  • You get a new roofing as "Natural payment" according to personell agreements
  • You will receive a 25 year warranty on the trapezoidal sheet
  • We install immediately after renovation a photovoltaic system on your roof
  • You will receive power from the photovoltaic system at a preferential price
  • You let us Your roof for 25 years
  • Proven and numerously practiced concept in communities and individuals/companies

Against lease your existing roof surface will be renovated.

Using high-quality components (German manufacturer´s trapezoidal sheet) you will get your roof lease prepayments as "natural payment", in advance.

  • New roof with high quality components
  • You are independent of the planned legislative changes to mandatory disposal of asbestos roofs
  • No self investment
  • Electricity at a preferential price for 25 years
  • 25-year guarantee on trapezoidal sheet
  • Designing Security
  • You earn twice: with a new roof and Your preferential electricity tariff
  • You spend an active contribution to environmental protection

You have a new roof and receive electricity at preferential terms, which is fed from photovoltaic system directly into your home power network.

Have we piqued your interest? Contact us!

We will send You information on the treaties and will provide You with a cost-effectiveness calculation based on your new preferential electricity tariff.

So earn twice: When the roof and electricity.

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