More sun, less boiler

Up to 80% of hot water by solar power annually!

As heating support

Solar heat is utilized mainly for water heating in residential and commercial buildings. This hot water is used for daily needs, such as for bathing and showering or for heating water for the heating of buildings used as supportive and cost-effective energy source. Solar thermal systems can cover 70 to 90 percent of the domestic water demand per year.

Other applications include the heating of swimming pool water in the private pool as well as indoor swimming pools. Through the use of solar installations in swimming pools, it has become possible to extend the swimming season considerably and increase the water temperature to comfortable level. Even in the industrial sector and in the cooling you will find solar thermal systems.

Solar systems help to save money, especially in times of steady price increases for fossil fuels such as oil, gas and coal. Panels are industrially manufactured for about 30 years, so this technology is very mature today.

As hot water producer

Clever and environmentally conscious - For optimum use of solar heat energy, we have high quality and durable solar collectors and systems to offer, that allows you the best comfort in the application.

For every need you will find the right components of solar heat systems, regardless of whether you build, renovate or modernize Yoor house or plant. We also manufacture complete solar systems.

Gain independence with a solar heat system, because the sun does not send a bill! In addition, solar heat systems are promoted by the goverment in Germany.