Do you also play too much for your electricity?

Show the red card to increasing power prices!

Self-sufficient power instead of overcharging

  • Significanr reduction your electricity costs
  • Fix electricity price for the future
  • Additional savings through reduction of peak loads by low gear billing
  • Improvement of the situation over competitors
  • Use of tax advantages
  • Saving electricity taxes and other surcharges
  • Extend life of your roof surfaces

Produce your own electricity!

We offer you with photovoltaics for at least the next 20 years supply of electricity to the minimum fare (between 8.5 to 10.5 ct / kWh). After experience, four years, depending on the individual situation, your used equity will be earned, without having considered Your tax situation at all.


Tailor-made solutions from A to Z!

  • Recording the roof data
  • Evaluation of static feasibility
  • Procurement of financing
  • Application of power network compatibility at the power supplier
  • Detailed design of the photovoltaic system
  • Turnkey: ready for operation according to legal requirements
  • Construction of the solar power system on a fixed price basis
  • Maintenance: system monitoring via certified portals

Electricity price forecast

Since 2000 the price of electricity for businesses, including the surcharges and taxes, increased by approximately 68%. This means an average increase of over 5% per year. The graph below shows the development of electricity prices (net), with an annual increase of 2.5%. In 2034, the expected electricity price is around 34ct/kWh.