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From light blubs to LED

The light bulb has served its purpose in the EU!

The filament will burn out slowly but surely in the households of Europe after more than a hundred years. This was decided in the European Parliament on 18 March 2009 after examination by the EU Commission. The Regulation as part of the Ecodesign Directive provides for the phasing out of incandescent bulb by 2012. The aim of this Directive is to fully exploit of energy - saving potential. This applies to lighting as well as refrigerators or standby mode of household appliances.

Unlike some media reports make believe, this does not mean however, that the use of certain light bulbs is prohibited under penalty from September 1, 2009. The regulation seeks rather to put pressure on the lamp manufacturer to bring energy-efficient products on the market. It is the wish, according to Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs, that consumer desires are taken into account in terms of functionality , aesthetics and health safety.

Take advantage of the additional benefits of photovoltaic to optimerien your savings further. We put together a round package aspecially for You.

Of course, this also works through our leasing concept (no balance sheet exposure and thus no credit deterioration).

  • No one-time investment
  • Instant savings in electricity in the first month
  • All from one source
  • Turnkey (installation, contracting, lamps indoor or/and outdoor)
  • Short payback of max. 4 years
  • Difference between the rent and saving is always positive!
  • Savings of previous maintenance costs for lighting technology
 PricehoursPowerConsumptionPurchaseEnergy costs**TotalDiff­er­enceSaving
ADL0,38 €75040 W2.000 kWh25,33 €312,00 €337,33 €294,03 €87,16 %
ESL10,90 €10.0009 W450 kWh54,50 €70,20 €124,70 €81,40 €65,28 %
LED19,90 €50.0003 W150 kWh19,90 €23,40 €43,30 €  

* This does not include the increase in electricity prices and the costs of replacing the lamps (working hours) 
** Current electricity price: 15.6 cents per kWh