• Linking energy to people

    Energy: We have it plenteously – optimized for enviroment, faxes and yields.

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  • The clever investment

    Sometimes it is more profiable thinking about money than working for it

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  • The nature as a role model!

    The idea of renewable energy is as old as the earth. We rely on efficient technology.

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  • Do you also pay too much for your electricity?

    Show the red card to increasing power prices!

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  • More sun, less boilder

    Up to 80% of hot water by solar power annually!

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  • Save up to 90% with LED!

    A 4-watt LED produces as much light as a 40 watt light bulb.

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The advantages of photovoltaics are a clean, ecological power generation and the ability to operate regardless consumer from the power supply, eg in the weekend house, in gardens and parks or as lightning of bus shelters.PV systems are very durable even under extreme weather conditions. The panels can survive last for decades under extreme conditions such as storms or salt water. PV systems are gaining importance particularly as grid-connected system.

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Solar heat

Solar heat is utilized mainly for water heating in residential and commercial buildings. This hot water is used for daily needs, such as for bathing and showering or for heating water for the heating of buildings used as supportive and cost-effective energy source. Actual Solar thermal systems can cover 70-90% of the domestic hot water demand. Other applications include de heating of swimming pool water in the private pool as well as indoor swimming pools.

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Why using LED lighting? The filament will burn out slowly but surely in the households of Europe after a use more than a hundred of years. This was decided after an examination by the EU Commission in the European Parliament on 18 March 2009. The Regulation provides for the phasing out of incandescent bulb by 2012 as part of the Ecodesign Directive. The aim of this Directive is to the fully exploit of energy-saving potential.

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